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Site description: Located in Poznan, Poland. Offers four and six year European M.D. programs, a graduate program in Physical Therapy, and a five year dentistry program, taught in English. Gives details of the courses, admissions, and facilities.

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Previous 10CareerMDhttp://www.careermd.com/ CareerMDTop/Health/Medicine/Education/Residency/Personal_Pages Directory of residency programs with detailed listings and profiles. Career planning resources and specialty information for medical students and IMGs.
PreviousUniversity of the East Ramon Magsaysay Memorial Medical Centerhttp://www.uerm.edu/ University of the East Ramon Magsaysay Memorial Medical CenterTop/Health/Medicine/Education/Medical_Schools UERM - College of Medicine (Quezon City, Philippines)
Random 1Light Street Animal Hospitalhttp://www.xlstechnologies.com/lightst/index.html Light Street Animal HospitalTop/Health/Animal/Veterinary_Medicine/Veterinarians/United_States/Maryland Baltimore, MD. Complete veterinary medical and surgical care for all pets. Boarding and grooming your dogs, cats and other animals. Directions to facility.
Random 2New York Medical College Department of Neurosurgeryhttp://www.neurospinesurgeons.com New York Medical College Department of NeurosurgeryTop/Health/Medicine/Surgery/Neurosurgery Offers neurological and spine surgery, basic science programs, clinical research and residency training.
Random 3Right Aid California Health Insurancehttp://www.rightaidhealthinsurance.com Right Aid California Health InsuranceTop/Business/Financial_Services/Insurance/Agents_and_Marketers/Health/United_States/California Instant quotes from health insurance carriers for individual, family and group plans.
Random 4Tip Top Mobilityhttp://www.minot.com/~tiptop Tip Top MobilityTop/Shopping/Health/Disabilities/Assistive_Technology/Mobility_and_Transportation/Vehicle_Conversions Top of vehicle wheelchair carrier.
Random 5Arent Fox E-Health and Telemedicinehttp://www.arentfox.com/quickGuide/businessLines/telemed/telemed.html Arent Fox E-Health and TelemedicineTop/Health/Medicine/Informatics/Telemedicine Information on state, federal and global issues that impact ehealth and telemedicine.
NextUniversity of PR School of Medicinehttp://rcm-medicine.upr.clu.edu/ University of PR School of MedicineTop/Health/Medicine/Education/Medical_Schools Information about the school, academic and research programs, faculty listings and publications. Located in San Juan, Puerto Rico.
Next 10St. Luke's University School of Medicinehttp://www.stluke.edu.bz St. Luke's University School of MedicineTop/Health/Medicine/Education/Medical_Schools An overview of medical school academic programs, resources, news and admissions information. The curriculum is patterned after US medical schools. Clinicals in the US, UK, Belize, Canada and India.
Random 1The Melancholy Refugehttp://www.angelfire.com/anime/refuge/f.html The Melancholy RefugeTop/Arts/Animation/Anime/Fandom/M Character profiles, fan art, personal information and links.
Random 4Robitussin AChttp://www.rxlist.com/cgi/generic/guaicod.htm Robitussin ACTop/Health/Pharmacy/Drugs_and_Medications/G/Guaifenesin/With_Codeine Full prescribing information from RxList.
Random 4Furniture Medic of Mariettahttp://www.4furnituremedic.com/ga/21317/ Furniture Medic of MariettaTop/Regional/North_America/United_States/Georgia/Localities/M/Marietta/Business_and_Economy/Shopping/Furniture Restores commercial or residential furnishings using the latest technological advances. Includes special offers and photos of previous work.
Next 70Medical Student Resource Guidehttp://www.studentdoc.com/index.html Medical Student Resource GuideTop/Health/Medicine/Education/Medical_Schools/Resources Online resources for medical students, with a special emphasis on practice questions and exams for all basic and clinical science courses.
Previous 70Pediatric Surgeryhttp://www.iupui.edu/%7Edeptpeds/ Pediatric SurgeryTop/Health/Medicine/Education/Residency/Pediatrics Information about the residency program for pediatric surgery at the Indiana University School of Medicine.
Next 170American Association of Colleges of Osteopathic Medicinehttp://www.aacom.org/ American Association of Colleges of Osteopathic MedicineTop/Health/Medicine/Education/Medical_Schools/Osteopathic Serving the administration, faculty, and students of the 19 member osteopathic medical schools through its centralized application service, government relations, finance, communications, and research/information departments.
Previous 170Physician Credentialshttp://www.ama-assn.org/aps/physdcred.htm Physician CredentialsTop/Health/Medicine/Education Information on Credentialing from the American Medical Association.
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Previous 270Mountain Medical Technologies - Electronic Medical Health Records Softwarehttp://www.mountainmeditech.com Mountain Medical Technologies - Electronic Medical Health Records SoftwareTop/Health/Medicine/Informatics/Software XOCDOC is a turnkey electronic health records (EHR), also called EMR software system that enables medical group practices to finally shift from paper-based patient record keeping to a digital format. Physicians and nurses use a tablet PC to remotely access EMR patient records
Other resource N0 The NEMA Digital Imaging Standard for Medical Imageshttp://medical.nema.org/ The NEMA Digital Imaging Standard for Medical Images Top/Health/Medicine/Imaging The Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine (DICOM) standard for distributing and viewing any kind of medical image regardless of the origin (radiology, dermatology, pathology, endoscopy etc.).
Other resource N1 Telemammography using Satellite Communicationshttp://ctd.lerc.nasa.gov/5610/mammography/introduction.html Telemammography using Satellite Communications Top/Health/Medicine/Imaging/X-Ray/Mammography A teleradiology project of NASA's John H. Glenn Research Center addresses the need for bringing mammography expertise, usually located in large medical facilities to underserved areas.
Other resource N2 eMedicine Health - CT Scanhttp://www.emedicinehealth.com/articles/11618-1.asp eMedicine Health - CT Scan Top/Health/Medicine/Imaging/Computer_Tomography_Scanning Consumer health resource center providing information on medical use of CAT scans.
Other resource N3 Medinfo: Ultrasound scanninghttp://www.medinfo.co.uk/tests/ultrasound.html Medinfo: Ultrasound scanning Top/Health/Medicine/Imaging/Ultrasonography Easy to understand information for patients on ultrasound scanning (ultrasonography), a quick, easy and relatively safe investigation which helps in many areas of medicine. Written by a UK general practitioner.
Other resource N4 Ultrasound Critical-angle Reflectometryhttp://www.swmed.edu/home_pages/ucrlab/ Ultrasound Critical-angle Reflectometry Top/Health/Medicine/Imaging/Ultrasonography Fundamental principles (The University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas).
Other resource N5 Sonoluminescence and Medical Ultrasoundhttp://www.aip.org/png/html/sonomed.htm Sonoluminescence and Medical Ultrasound Top/Health/Medicine/Imaging/Ultrasonography Provides diagrams of what sonoluminescence may look like close up.
Other resource N6 Transcranial Doppler Ultrasoundhttp://www.neuro.mcg.edu/cvhp/tcd.html Transcranial Doppler Ultrasound Top/Health/Medicine/Imaging/Ultrasonography/Blood_Flow Information about the a safe, reliable, and relatively inexpensive technology for measuring cerebrovascular blood velocities by Medical College of Georgia.
Other resource N7 European Journal of Ultrasoundhttp://www.elsevier.nl/inca/publications/store/5/2/4/6/3/7/ European Journal of Ultrasound Top/Health/Medicine/Imaging/Ultrasonography/Journals Serves as the forum for the European scientific and clinical community using ultrasound in medicine and biology. Publishes review and original research articles on clinical and basic/technical science, clinical (case) reports and technical notes. (Elsevier Science)
Other resource N8 OB-Gyn Ultrasound Onlinehttp://www.fetalsono.com OB-Gyn Ultrasound Online Top/Health/Medicine/Imaging/Ultrasonography/Obstetrics_and_Gynecology An interactive OB ultrasound medical journal with teaching files, literature review, tables and bulletin board; all updated regularly.
Other resource N9 Seattle University - Diagnostic Ultrasoundhttp://www.seattleu.edu/tocfset.html Seattle University - Diagnostic Ultrasound Top/Health/Medicine/Imaging/Ultrasonography/Education Prepares students for the profession of diagnostic medical sonography. Founded on basic sciences, the program affords simultaneous opportunities for receiving a liberal arts education, as well as didactic and practical exposure to a range of ultrasound specialties.
Other resource N10 Society of Radiologists in Ultrasoundhttp://www.sru.org Society of Radiologists in Ultrasound Top/Health/Medicine/Imaging/Ultrasonography/Organisations A national professional society dedicated to the clinical practice and science of medical ultrasound. Information about ultrasound examinations, radiologist job and fellowship listings, links, online newsletters, annual meeting description, and additional information for members.
Other resource N11 European Federation of Societies for Ultrasound In Medicine and Biologyhttp://www.EFSUMB.org/ European Federation of Societies for Ultrasound In Medicine and Biology Top/Health/Medicine/Imaging/Ultrasonography/Organisations Promotes the exchange of scientific knowledge and development in the medical and biological professions as applied to ultrasound.
Other resource N12 SMR's Case Histories of Drug Discoveryhttp://www.prous.com/smr99 SMR's Case Histories of Drug Discovery Top/Health/Medicine/Pharmacology Society for Medicines Research symposium on Case Histories of Drug Discvery held on December 2, 1999 in London. On demand webcast of entire symposium now available.
Other resource N13 Hardin MD - Pharmacy and Pharmacologyhttp://www.lib.uiowa.edu/hardin/md/pharm.html Hardin MD - Pharmacy and Pharmacology Top/Health/Medicine/Pharmacology From the University of Iowa, lists of Internet sources in pharmacy, pharmacology, pharmaceutical, and drugs.
Other resource N14 University of Colorado Health Sciences Center - Department of Pharmacologyhttp://www2.uchsc.edu/pharm/pharm.asp University of Colorado Health Sciences Center - Department of Pharmacology Top/Health/Medicine/Pharmacology Information about theur pharmacology graduate program, curriculum, and research activities.
Other resource N15 Medical Pharmacologyhttp://www.kumc.edu/instruction/alliedHealth/NurseAnesthesia/Medical_Pharmacology/index.htm Medical Pharmacology Top/Health/Medicine/Pharmacology Basic and applied medical pharmacology. Includes content, practice questions and clinical cases.
Other resource N16 Archiv der Pharmaziehttp://www.wiley-vch.de/publish/en/journals/alphabeticIndex/2019 Archiv der Pharmazie Top/Health/Medicine/Pharmacology/Journals Devoted to research and development in all fields of pharmaceutical and medicinal chemistry and publishes original papers, reviews, short notes and communications on new research results.
Other resource N17 Psychopharmacology Linkshttp://www.baltimorepsych.com/psychopharm.htm Psychopharmacology Links Top/Health/Medicine/Pharmacology/Psychopharmacology Links to information on specific psychiatric medications and to psychopharmacological web sites.Maintained by the Northern County Psychiatric Association.
Other resource N18 Psychopharmacology Tipshttp://www.dr-bob.org/tips/ Psychopharmacology Tips Top/Health/Medicine/Pharmacology/Psychopharmacology These tips are just that -- tips -- and not (with some exceptions) the results of scientific studies. They should not be construed as providing diagnosis, medical advice, or treatment.
Other resource N19 Psychopharmacology Links (Northern County Psychiatric Associates)http://www.ncpamd.com/psychopharm.htm Psychopharmacology Links (Northern County Psychiatric Associates) Top/Health/Medicine/Pharmacology/Psychopharmacology Reviewed links to sites dealing with specific medications, pharmaceutical companies, and online pharmacological databases.
Other resource N20 New Psychiatric Medicineshttp://psychmeds.healingwell.com/ New Psychiatric Medicines Top/Health/Medicine/Pharmacology/Psychopharmacology Information about medications used to treat mental disorders.
Other resource N21 Psychopharmacology Update Noteshttp://www.psychotropical.com Psychopharmacology Update Notes Top/Health/Medicine/Pharmacology/Psychopharmacology Analyses of the comparative effectiveness, side effects and toxicity of psychotropic drugs with emphases on serotonin syndrome and monoamine oxidase inhibitors.
Other resource N22 4therapy.com - Psychiatric Medicationshttp://www.4therapy.com/consumer/medications/ 4therapy.com - Psychiatric Medications Top/Health/Medicine/Pharmacology/Psychopharmacology Information for patients covers most major psychotherapeutic drugs, including the conditions they are prescribed to treat, how they work, and necessary precautions. Information undated.
Other resource N23 HealthyPlace Psychiatric Medicationshttp://www.healthyplace.com/medications/index.asp HealthyPlace Psychiatric Medications Top/Health/Medicine/Pharmacology/Psychopharmacology Usage, dosage, side effects of psychiatric medications including ADHD medications, antidepressants, antipsychotics and antianxiety medications
Other resource N24 Crazy Meds - Mental Illness With an Attitudehttp://www.crazymeds.org Crazy Meds - Mental Illness With an Attitude Top/Health/Medicine/Pharmacology/Psychopharmacology A guide to psychiatric medications from first-hand experience, anecdotal evidence and personal research.
Other resource N25 Masters Program in Molecular Medicinehttp://acer.gen.tcd.ie/molmed/ Masters Program in Molecular Medicine Top/Health/Medicine/Education Course is run under the auspices of the Faculty of Health Sciences and the Institute of Molecular Medicine, Trinity College Dublin.
Other resource N26 Healthprofessions.comhttp://healthprofessions.com/ Healthprofessions.com Top/Health/Medicine/Education Educational resources relating to the healthcare industry. Many specialties are listed with a brief summary of responsibilities, educational requirements, and schools offering these programs.
Other resource N27 Microsurgery Training Programhttp://www.iupui.edu/~micrsurg Microsurgery Training Program Top/Health/Medicine/Education Basic Microsurgical Course (40 hours), Advanced Course (12 hours), Microsurgery Laboratory, Indiana University Medical Center.
Other resource N28 Medicine and Healthcare courses at CyberUhttp://medicine.cyberu.com Medicine and Healthcare courses at CyberU Top/Health/Medicine/Education Directory to online medicine and healthcare courses. Provides a broad selection of online classes and learning resources in the medical field.
Other resource N29 National Teacher Training Center for the Health Professionshttp://nttchp.home.ph/ National Teacher Training Center for the Health Professions Top/Health/Medicine/Education Provides information on the course offerings at the Center, University of the Philippines Manila. Visitors can also look at the list of faculty members and self-instructional materials available in the Learning Resource Unit.
Other resource N30 Interactive Chest Painhttp://medicine.creighton.edu/medschool/case-pres/casesindex.html Interactive Chest Pain Top/Health/Medicine/Education Creighton University School of Medicine case presentation modules. These clinical cases are designed to introduce one to the process of clinical problem solving.
Other resource N31 CAL Reviewshttp://axis.cbcu.cam.ac.uk/calreviews/ CAL Reviews Top/Health/Medicine/Education An internet based catalogue of reviewed medical multimedia resources.
Other resource N32 Flesh and Boneshttp://www.fleshandbones.com/ Flesh and Bones Top/Health/Medicine/Education For medical students and instructors. Includes free MCQs, sample chapters and images from leading medical textbooks, plus competitions and games.
Other resource N33 Medical University of Gdansk - English Divisionhttp://www.ed.amg.gda.pl/ Medical University of Gdansk - English Division Top/Health/Medicine/Education Information about the medical studies in English for foreign students. Admission criteria. Curricula. Basic medical and clinical science.
Other resource N34 NPR : First-Year Med Students Enter the 'Gross' Labhttp://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=3924247 NPR : First-Year Med Students Enter the 'Gross' Lab Top/Health/Medicine/Education A visit to the first day of gross anatomy lab. Part one of a series following first-year medical students. NPR's Melissa Block reports. [10:31 streaming audio broadcast]
Other resource N35 Johns Hopkins Medicine CME-Medical Conferenceshttp://www.med.jhu.edu/cme Johns Hopkins Medicine CME-Medical Conferences Top/Health/Medicine/Education/Medical_Conferences/Indexes Complete calendar of all CME courses and meetings, with course details and online registration. Includes new webcast programs and online audio courses.
Other resource N36 Health On the Net (HON)http://www.hon.ch/cgi-bin/conferences Health On the Net (HON) Top/Health/Medicine/Education/Medical_Conferences/Indexes Conferences and events related to the medical domain are listed by days, months and years.
Other resource N37 Health Care Conferenceshttp://www.healthcareconferences.com Health Care Conferences Top/Health/Medicine/Education/Medical_Conferences/Indexes Conferences, seminars and events of interest to medical and healthcare professionals. Also travel information and links.
Other resource N38 21st Annual Balloon Fiesta Medical Symposiumhttp://www.nmoma.org/balloonfiestapagenetscape.htm 21st Annual Balloon Fiesta Medical Symposium Top/Health/Medicine/Education/Medical_Conferences/Family_Medicine New Mexico Osteopathic Medical Association. October 3-6, 2001. Albuquerque, New Mexico.
Other resource N39 Global Physicians Network: A Challenge for the New Centuryhttp://www.icim2002.org/ Global Physicians Network: A Challenge for the New Century Top/Health/Medicine/Education/Medical_Conferences/Internal_Medicine 26th International Congress of Internal Medicine. Program, registration information, call for abstracts, and President's letter. May 26-30, 2002. Kyoto, Japan.
Other resource N40 Bassett Healthcare Medical Educationhttp://www.bassett.edu Bassett Healthcare Medical Education Top/Health/Medicine/Education/Residency Information on residency programs at Columbia University affiliated teaching hospital in Cooperstown, NY
Other resource N41 Saginaw Cooperative Hospitals, Inc.http://www.schi.org Saginaw Cooperative Hospitals, Inc. Top/Health/Medicine/Education/Residency A community campus affiliated with the Michigan State University College of Human Medicine.
Other resource N42 Seth G.S. Medical College and King Edward Memorial Hospitalhttp://www.kem.edu/ Seth G.S. Medical College and King Edward Memorial Hospital Top/Health/Medicine/Education/Residency Providing information about the training in undergraduate (MBBS), postgraduate (MD, MS and various Diplomas) and superspeciality (DM, MCh) medical courses. A nursing school is also maintained by these institutions. (India)
Other resource N43 Poudre Valley Health System Residency Programhttp://www.pvhs.org/physicians/residency/ Poudre Valley Health System Residency Program Top/Health/Medicine/Education/Residency Information on the programs offered, curriculum summary and application process. (Fort Collins, CO)
Other resource N44 ResidentChannelhttp://www.residentchannel.com ResidentChannel Top/Health/Medicine/Education/Residency A Resident Community. Sources for information on job openings, medical specialties, and surviving your residency. Also featuring resident forums and websites.
Other resource N45 St. John's Mercy Medical Graduate Medical Educationhttp://www.sjmmcgme.com/ St. John's Mercy Medical Graduate Medical Education Top/Health/Medicine/Education/Residency Information on the graduate medical education programs offered. A St. Louis community based medical center.
Other resource N46 Student Medicshttp://www.studentmedics.co.uk/ Student Medics Top/Health/Medicine/Education/Residency A library of resources designed especially for medical students in the UK. Of interest to all medical students in general.
Other resource N47 Family Medicine and Psychiatryhttp://www.risley.net/risley.net/mind.body/residency/index.shtml Family Medicine and Psychiatry Top/Health/Medicine/Education/Residency Dynamic FAQ discussing the combined medical residency training in psychiatry and family medicine. From the University of California, Davis Medical Center (UCDMC) in Sacramento, California.
Other resource N48 Flash-Medhttp://www.flash-med.com Flash-Med Top/Health/Medicine/Education/Residency A physician designed site with thousands of questions and problem based diagrams. Review relevant medical information in a flash card format.
Other resource N49 Darthmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center: Graduate Medical Educationhttp://www.hitchcock.org/dhmc/webpage.cfm?site_id=2&org_id=118&morg_id=0&sec_id=0&gsec_id=3291&item_id=3291 Darthmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center: Graduate Medical Education Top/Health/Medicine/Education/Residency A full range of more than 32 residency and fellowship programs. New Hampshire.
Other resource N50 University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center Postgraduate Training in Internal Medicinehttp://www.swmed.edu/imresidency/ University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center Postgraduate Training in Internal Medicine Top/Health/Medicine/Education/Residency/Internal_Medicine Detail information about the UT southwestern program
Other resource N51 Division of Hematology - The University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antoniohttp://hematology.uthscsa.edu/ Division of Hematology - The University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio Top/Health/Medicine/Education/Residency/Internal_Medicine Education and training programs for medical students and postdoctoral students in the subspecialty discipline of Hematology.
Other resource N52 The Official 1999 Rankings of US Internal Medicine Departmenthttp://www.residentphysician.com/Medicine_rankings.htm The Official 1999 Rankings of US Internal Medicine Department Top/Health/Medicine/Education/Residency/Internal_Medicine The rankings of 108 internal medicine residency departments according to NIH funding. Links are provided to their home pages.
Other resource N53 Internal Medicine Residency - UT Health Science Centerhttp://www.utmem.edu/internal Internal Medicine Residency - UT Health Science Center Top/Health/Medicine/Education/Residency/Internal_Medicine Describes several training tracks in internal medicine for applicants. It also provides useful links, call schedules and breaking news to current housestaff.
Other resource N54 UCLA - SFVP Internal Medicine Residency Training Programhttp://www.uclasfvp.org/ UCLA - SFVP Internal Medicine Residency Training Program Top/Health/Medicine/Education/Residency/Internal_Medicine About UCLA - San Fernando Valley Program (aka SFVP, Olive View or the Sepulveda Program) in Internal Medicine.
Other resource N55 Indiana University Internal Medicine/Pediatrics Residency Training Programhttp://www.iupui.edu/~deptpeds/medpeds/ Indiana University Internal Medicine/Pediatrics Residency Training Program Top/Health/Medicine/Education/Residency/Internal_Medicine Information about Combined Internal Medicine / Pediatrics Residency Program affiliated with Indiana University
Other resource N56 Scranton-Temple Residency Programhttp://www.strpweb.org Scranton-Temple Residency Program Top/Health/Medicine/Education/Residency/Internal_Medicine Information about Scranton-Temple Internal Medicine Residency Program. Includes information aboutosteopathic rotating internship program.
Other resource N57 Lincoln Medical Center Internal Medicine Residency Programhttp://linmed.org Lincoln Medical Center Internal Medicine Residency Program Top/Health/Medicine/Education/Residency/Internal_Medicine Provides very basic information regarding the residency program and the department of medicine at Lincoln Medical Center, Bronx, New York.
Other resource N58 Wright State University Internal Medicine Medicine-Pediatrics Residency Programhttp://www.med.wright.edu/medpeds/ Wright State University Internal Medicine Medicine-Pediatrics Residency Program Top/Health/Medicine/Education/Residency/Internal_Medicine Wright State University program combining Internal Medicine and Pediatrics residency training for primary care physicians.
Other resource N59 Georgetown University Internal Medicine Residency Programhttp://www.georgetown.edu/departments/medicine/internalmed/res/ Georgetown University Internal Medicine Residency Program Top/Health/Medicine/Education/Residency/Internal_Medicine Information on grand rounds, teaching services, conferences and program. Resources include Harrison's online and Dahlgren library.
Other resource N60 University of Virginia Internal Medicine Programhttp://www.healthsystem.virginia.edu/internet/im-residency/ University of Virginia Internal Medicine Program Top/Health/Medicine/Education/Residency/Internal_Medicine In depth information about the program including different training tracts, current residents and application process
Other resource N61 ChiefResidents.nethttp://www.chiefresidents.net ChiefResidents.net Top/Health/Medicine/Education/Residency/Internal_Medicine Website for the residents of internal medicine. Initially designed for Loma Linda Internal Medicine but useful information for other residencies as well. Information includes program news, schedules, housestaff directory and useful information for residents.
Other resource N62 Kern Medical Center Dept. of Obstetrics and Gynecologyhttp://www.kmcobgyn.org/ Kern Medical Center Dept. of Obstetrics and Gynecology Top/Health/Medicine/Education/Residency/Obstetrics_and_Gynecology About the residency program, affiliated with the UCLA School of Medicine, Bakersfield, CA.
Other resource N63 Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology - NYUhttp://www.med.nyu.edu/ObGyn/residency/index.html Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology - NYU Top/Health/Medicine/Education/Residency/Obstetrics_and_Gynecology Supports a comprehensive group of programs and services designed specifically for women's medical needs.
Other resource N64 Pediatric Surgeryhttp://www.iupui.edu/%7Edeptpeds/ Pediatric Surgery Top/Health/Medicine/Education/Residency/Pediatrics Information about the residency program for pediatric surgery at the Indiana University School of Medicine.
Other resource N65 Stanford University School of Medicine Department of Radiology (California)http://www-radiology.stanford.edu/ Stanford University School of Medicine Department of Radiology (California) Top/Health/Medicine/Education/Residency/Radiology The site describes the residency and fellowship programs, faculty and staff links with selected profiles, online continuing medical education content and brochures of upcoming courses, the visiting education program, research laboratories and programs, and the medical student clerkship.
Other resource N66 University of Pennsylvania Department of Radiology (Pennsylvania)http://www.rad.upenn.edu/rrp/training/rrpResidency.html University of Pennsylvania Department of Radiology (Pennsylvania) Top/Health/Medicine/Education/Residency/Radiology Selected sections describing the department are a list of scientific publications, computers and medical informatics, CME conferences, department history, training program description, introduction to the department's sections, research opportunities, and a list of residents.
Other resource N67 Albert Einstein College of Medicine/Montefiore Medical Center Department of Radiology (New York)http://www.montefiore.org/prof/clinical/radio/residency/index.html Albert Einstein College of Medicine/Montefiore Medical Center Department of Radiology (New York) Top/Health/Medicine/Education/Residency/Radiology The facilities, resident training program, teaching conferences, resident and faculty evaluations, research and resident lectures, curriculum, application process, and fellowship programs are discussed.
Other resource N68 University of Iowa Department of Radiology (Iowa)http://radiology.uiowa.edu/Education-new/index.html University of Iowa Department of Radiology (Iowa) Top/Health/Medicine/Education/Residency/Radiology Information is provided about the radiology residency, PhD program in Innovative Neuroradiology Technologies, fellowships, medical student rotations and online lectures. Topics related to the residency program include an overview of the program, mentorship program, hands-on training, conferences, and research opportunities.
Other resource N69 UAMS College of Medicine Radiology Departmenthttp://www.uams.edu/radiology/ UAMS College of Medicine Radiology Department Top/Health/Medicine/Education/Residency/Radiology Residency and Fellowship training opportunities, clinical procedures, research projects, and patient information available in the Radiology Department at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences.
Other resource N70 Albert Einstein College of Medicine/Jacobi Medical Center Radiology Residency Programhttp://www.jacobirad.net Albert Einstein College of Medicine/Jacobi Medical Center Radiology Residency Program Top/Health/Medicine/Education/Residency/Radiology This site provides information about the radiology residency program and department.
Other resource N71 Anesthesiology - Virginia Mason Medical Center in Seattlehttp://www.vmmc.org/dbAnesthesiology/default.htm Anesthesiology - Virginia Mason Medical Center in Seattle Top/Health/Medicine/Education/Residency/Anesthesiology About the training opportunities offered at the medical Center.
Other resource N72 Southern Colorado Family Medicinehttp://www.s-co-familymed.com Southern Colorado Family Medicine Top/Health/Medicine/Education/Residency/Family_Medicine Located in Pueblo, Colorado, this is an unopposed program. Residents learn the full spectrum of family medicine with an emphasis on providing care to those who are underserved in our community. The program supports working parents and their need to balance work with their family life. 
Other resource N73 Alaska Family Practice Residency - Anchorage, Alaskahttp://resnet.fammed.washington.edu/alaskafpr/ Alaska Family Practice Residency - Anchorage, Alaska Top/Health/Medicine/Education/Residency/Family_Medicine The Program combines a wide variety of unique resources to train family physicians for rural practice. Training includes 14 weeks of rural experience over 3 years as well as in transcultural medicine. 4th year medical student electives available.
Other resource N74 McLennan County Family Practice Residency Program - Waco, Texashttp://wacofpc.org McLennan County Family Practice Residency Program - Waco, Texas Top/Health/Medicine/Education/Residency/Family_Medicine A community-based, only residency in town program affiliated with the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas. Unique features include electronic medical records in the outpatient clinic, electives available in international medicine and colonoscopy training, and home of the nationally known Faculty Development Center of Texas.
Other resource N75 Family Medicine Northhttp://www.fmn.on.ca/ Family Medicine North Top/Health/Medicine/Education/Residency/Family_Medicine About this accredited two year family medicine residency program to prepare family physicians for practice in northern and rural communities. Directed by NOMP, affiliated with McMaster University, based at Health Sciences North in Thunder Bay. (Ontario, Canada)
Other resource N76 Scottsdale Healthcare Family Practice Residency Programhttp://www.shc.org/cv/fp_default.asp Scottsdale Healthcare Family Practice Residency Program Top/Health/Medicine/Education/Residency/Family_Medicine An affiliation with the University of Arizona College of Medicine. Information on the curriculum, faculty, application process.
Other resource N77 Indiana University Department of Family Medicinehttp://www.iufammed.iupui.edu/ Indiana University Department of Family Medicine Top/Health/Medicine/Education/Residency/Family_Medicine Highlights programs, services and information offered, including a traditional residency program, residency/ masters degree programs, and 3 fellowships in sports medicine, underserved medicine, and faculty development.
Other resource N78 St. Vincent's Family Practice Residency Programhttp://www.jaxhealth.com/AboutUs/default.asp?ENOrgID=9E6AE5B5CD944504B4467CC38CDB5518 St. Vincent's Family Practice Residency Program Top/Health/Medicine/Education/Residency/Family_Medicine St. Vincent's offers community-based training in Jacksonville, Florida. Medical student externships available.
Other resource N79 Memorial Family Medicine Residency Programhttp://www.memorialfamilymedicine.org Memorial Family Medicine Residency Program Top/Health/Medicine/Education/Residency/Family_Medicine A community-based-yet-unusually-academic, unopposed-yet-allied-with-other-specialty-trainees type program located in Long Beach, California. Resident profiles on the website include who they would be if they were a "Superhero."
Other resource N80 University of Pittsburgh Residency in Emergency Medicinehttp://www.pitt.edu/~emergres University of Pittsburgh Residency in Emergency Medicine Top/Health/Medicine/Education/Residency/Emergency_Medicine Includes information on the program, faculty, conferences, research and the current residents.

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