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Previous 10Symco Medical Billing, Inc.http://www.symcomedical.com/ Symco Medical Billing, Inc.Top/Business/Financial_Services/Medical_Billing Providing electronic and paper claim submission, insurance follow-up, training, and auto accident billing for physicians and allied health professionals in Massachusetts.
PreviousAmerican Medical Computing Inchttp://www.americanmedicalcomputing.com/ American Medical Computing IncTop/Business/Financial_Services/Medical_Billing Electronic claims and patient billing services.
Random 1Ashley Fire Protection District Homepagehttp://www.geocities.com/ashley_fire_district Ashley Fire Protection District HomepageTop/Health/Public_Health_and_Safety/Emergency_Services/Fire_Fighting/North_America/United_States/Illinois Located in Washington County. Provides recent calls, members, apparatus and offers reflective address signs for sale.
Random 2Care For Lifehttp://www.careforlife.com/ Care For LifeTop/Shopping/Health/Pharmacy/Online_Pharmacies Provides products and therapies designed to treat hemophilia and other bleeding disorders.
Random 3Colorado Springs Health Partners - Employmenthttp://www.cshp.net/Employment.asp Colorado Springs Health Partners - EmploymentTop/Regional/North_America/United_States/Colorado/Localities/C/Colorado_Springs/Business_and_Economy/Employment Current job postings and online application forms.
Random 4International Support Fund: Children with Leukemiahttp://fund.8m.com/ International Support Fund: Children with LeukemiaTop/Health/Conditions_and_Diseases/Cancer/Hematologic/Leukemia/Support_Groups Charity organized to support children from the country of Georgia who are suffering from this condition.
Random 5Primacor ( Milrinone Lactate Injection )http://www.primacor.com/ Primacor ( Milrinone Lactate Injection )Top/Health/Pharmacy/Drugs_and_Medications/M/Milrinone A phosphodiesterase inhibitor (PDE III) that is indicated for the short-term intravenous treatment of patients with acute decompensated heart failure. Site provides information for health care professionals and patients.
NextRed Posthttp://www.red-post.com/ Red PostTop/Business/Financial_Services/Medical_Billing Providing medical billing services for office and hospital based physicians in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut.
Next 10PhyLogic Healthcare, LLChttp://www.phylogic.com/ PhyLogic Healthcare, LLCTop/Business/Financial_Services/Medical_Billing Medical billing service and system using web-based ASP technology for its' service.
Random 1Usagichan Company Search and Rescuehttp://www.usagichan.com Usagichan Company Search and RescueTop/Arts/Animation/Anime/Fandom/Conventions/Reports_and_Photo_Albums Provides annual coverage on select anime conventions that the websites members have visited.
Random 4Charleston Ballet Theatrehttp://www.charlestonballet.com/ Charleston Ballet TheatreTop/Arts/Performing_Arts/Dance/Ballet/Companies/North_America/United_States/Professional Professional dance company recognized for an eclectic repertory of modern and classical works by renowned choreographers; includes company news, details on workshops, and a performance calendar.
Random 4AMT Italiahttp://www.amt-italia.com/ AMT ItaliaTop/World/Italiano/Regionale/Europa/Italia/Veneto/Provincia_di_Padova/Località/Ponte_San_Nicolò Seleziona e distribuisce prodotti per medici specialisti nei settori della chirurgia plastica ed estetica. Profilo aziendale, i prodotti, i congerssi e workshop. Modulo clienti.
Next 70eWebhealthhttp://www.eWebhealth.com/ eWebhealthTop/Business/Financial_Services/Medical_Billing Internet-based, home coding solution for medical billing.
Previous 70Paradigm HealthCare Serviceshttp://www.paradigm-healthcare.com/ Paradigm HealthCare ServicesTop/Business/Financial_Services/Medical_Billing A Medi-Cal billing services firm specializing in the California LEA and MAA billing programs for schools.
Next 170National Cost Reporthttp://www.nationalcostreport.com/ National Cost ReportTop/Business/Financial_Services/Medical_Billing/Resources Preparers of SNF Medicare and Medicaid cost reports.
Previous 170Coastal Medical Billing, Inc.http://www.coastalmed.net/ Coastal Medical Billing, Inc.Top/Business/Financial_Services/Medical_Billing Accounts receivable management services for medical and dental practices throughout the US.
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Previous 270Galia Textilhttp://www.galiatextil.com/ Galia TextilTop/Business/Textiles_and_Nonwovens/Textiles/Fabrics/Natural_Blends/Cotton Mexico. Medical fabrics, gauzes, swabs and towels, from cotton. Also, cotton yarns and fabrics for apparel applications.
Other resource N0 Ramsay Fabrics, Inchttp://www.ramsayfabrics.com/ Ramsay Fabrics, Inc Top/Business/Textiles_and_Nonwovens/Textiles/Fabrics/Mixed_Blends/North_America/United_States Manufacturers of taffeta, twill, satin, crepe and dobby woven fabrics for aerospace, medical, industrial processes, home furnishings, and specialty apparel, from cotton, viscose, acetate, carbon, polyamide, polyester, spandex and blends. Also, sourcing agency. Technical specifications.
Other resource N1 Darlington Fabricshttp://www.darlingtonfabrics.com/ Darlington Fabrics Top/Business/Textiles_and_Nonwovens/Textiles/Fabrics/Knitted_Fabrics/Warp USA. Raschel and tricot warp-knit stretch fabrics for apparel and medical applications, from polyester, polyamide and spandex blends. Apparel color forecasts. List of local and global representatives.
Other resource N2 Ploucquet GmbHhttp://www.ploucquet.com Ploucquet GmbH Top/Business/Textiles_and_Nonwovens/Textiles/Multi-Nationals/Technical_Textiles Germany. High-performance, laminated fabrics for outdoor garments, workwear, lining and trim, and fabrics for medical applications. English and German.
Other resource N3 Arizona Cotton Productshttp://www.azrags.com/ Arizona Cotton Products Top/Business/Textiles_and_Nonwovens/Textiles/Wipers_and_Rags/Wholesale_and_Distribution USA. Wiping cloths, rags, paper wipes, and gloves for industrial and residential uses. Also, towels and surgical towels for veterinary, medical and janitorial applications.
Other resource N4 Uretek, Inchttp://www.uretek.com/ Uretek, Inc Top/Business/Textiles_and_Nonwovens/Textiles/Coating_and_Laminating USA. Polyurethane coated and laminated fabrics for medical, aerospace, automotive and inflatable products applications.
Other resource N5 TSG, Inchttp://www.tsgfinishing.com/ TSG, Inc Top/Business/Textiles_and_Nonwovens/Textiles/Coating_and_Laminating USA. Fabric enhancing services. Chemical saturation, coating and laminating, printing, embossing and mechanical processing of woven and nonwoven fabrics for the contract and home furnishing, medical and apparel industries.
Other resource N6 AccuMED Technologies, Inchttp://www.accumedtech.com/ AccuMED Technologies, Inc Top/Business/Textiles_and_Nonwovens/Textiles/Contractors USA. All-round sewing manufacturers for the military, medical and industrial safety markets. Design, prototype engineering, project management, contract sewing and warehousing services.
Other resource N7 Elyon, Ltdhttp://elyon.com/tconsult.html Elyon, Ltd Top/Business/Textiles_and_Nonwovens/Textiles/Consulting Israel. Global traders and service providers, active in textiles, technology, engineering, process operations, and medical and financial services. Management and consulting services to the textile and apparel industries.
Other resource N8 Talleres Darbra, S.L.http://personal.telefonica.terra.es/web/oli-fox/celex01.htm Talleres Darbra, S.L. Top/Business/Textiles_and_Nonwovens/Textiles/Machinery_and_Equipment/Knitting Spain. Manufacturer of CELEX circular knitting machinery for special materials like manufacturing sponges, scouring pads, medical and metallic applications, and laboratory use.
Other resource N9 Electronic Textiles Charge Aheadhttp://www.ifmachines.com/science-etextiles.pdf Electronic Textiles Charge Ahead Top/Business/Textiles_and_Nonwovens/Textiles/Resources/Articles_and_Studies/Smart_Textiles Feature article about current developments in the design, manufacture and applications of smart fabrics in medicine, military and commercial markets. From Science Magazine. Author: Richard Stone.
Other resource N10 A Functional Woven Fabric with Controlled Friction Coefficients Preventing Bedsoreshttp://www.autexrj.org/No3-2004/0105.pdf A Functional Woven Fabric with Controlled Friction Coefficients Preventing Bedsores Top/Business/Textiles_and_Nonwovens/Textiles/Resources/Articles_and_Studies/Technology Technical paper presenting the design and manufacturing technologies of a double-layer woven fabric from cotton and viscose fibers. with different friction coefficients on right and left sides, developed for application as anti-bedsore sheets in the medical industry. From Autex Research Journal. Authors: M. Snycerski and I. Frontczak-Warsiak.
Other resource N11 Novaweld, LLChttp://www.novaweld.com/ Novaweld, LLC Top/Business/Textiles_and_Nonwovens/Machinery_and_Equipment/Geosynthetics_Equipment USA. Wedge welding equipment for field seaming of geomembranes, geotextiles and geocomposites. Also, welding equipment for coated fabrics for tents, awnings, covers, and marine and medical products.
Other resource N12 Khawaja Grouphttp://www.khawajagroup.com/ Khawaja Group Top/Business/Textiles_and_Nonwovens/Industrial_Yarns_and_Sewing_Threads/Mixed_Blends/Asia/Pakistan Diversified group of manufacturing and trading companies, active in textiles, and medical and automotive products. Greige and dyed, high-bulk, single and plyed, regular and fancy worsted yarns for knitting and weaving, from wool, acrylic, polyester, polyamide, spandex and blends.
Other resource N13 Heveafil Sdn. Bhd.http://www.heveafil.com/ Heveafil Sdn. Bhd. Top/Business/Textiles_and_Nonwovens/Industrial_Yarns_and_Sewing_Threads/Stretch_Yarns Malaysia. Manufacturers of extruded natural latex threads for textile, medical, scientific, sports and food procesing applications. Technical specifications. Part of the Permodalan Nasional Berhad Group. Multi-lingual site.
Other resource N14 Gudebrod, Inchttp://www.gudebrod.com/ Gudebrod, Inc Top/Business/Textiles_and_Nonwovens/Industrial_Yarns_and_Sewing_Threads/Specialty_Yarns USA. Manufacturers of flat and round braids, twisted yarns, dental floss and specialty threads, for medical, aerospace, and industrial applications. Detailed product catalogs, with technical information. Color cards.
Other resource N15 Savare I.C. Srlhttp://www.savare.com/ Savare I.C. Srl Top/Business/Textiles_and_Nonwovens/Resins_and_Chemicals/Adhesives Italy. Specialty adhesives for coating and laminating, hygienic, medical, labelling, assembly and packaging applications. Custom developed and multi-purpose hot-melt adhesives for diapers, sanitary napkins, panty shields and underpads. Guides for storage and material handling. Health and safety regulations.
Other resource N16 Atul, Ltdhttp://www.atul.co.in/ Atul, Ltd Top/Business/Textiles_and_Nonwovens/Resins_and_Chemicals/Dyestuffs_and_Inks India. Chemicals manufacturing company, active in drugs, agrochemicals, intermediates, polymer resins, adhesives and specialties. Dyestuffs and dye intermediates for the textile industry.
Other resource N17 Bioabsorbable Polymershttp://www.courses.ahc.umn.edu/medical-school/BMEn/5001/notes/bioabs.html Bioabsorbable Polymers Top/Business/Textiles_and_Nonwovens/Resins_and_Chemicals/Resources/Articles_and_Studies Discussion paper about absorbable biopolymers for fiber extrusion, and their subsequent use in medical applications. Descriptions of chemical structures. Author: William B. Gleason.
Other resource N18 Tae Bong Fiber Co., Ltdhttp://www.taebong.co.kr/ Tae Bong Fiber Co., Ltd Top/Business/Textiles_and_Nonwovens/Fibers/Processors Korea. Processors of recycled cotton and linen shoddy from yarn and textile wastes, into finished products for medical, cosmetic and dental uses. Also, bleached and dyed cotton and flax fiber and shoddy. Detailed product information and specifications. English and Korean.
Other resource N19 Kolon Grouphttp://www.kolon.co.kr/ Kolon Group Top/Business/Textiles_and_Nonwovens/Fibers/Man-made Korea. Versatile manufacturing company, active in chemicals, fashion, medical products, general goods and machine design and production. Nylon, polyester and polypropylene staple fiber and filament for textiles, nonwovens and industrial end uses. Microfiber for artificial leather and other specialty products.
Other resource N20 Carbon Nanotube Fibershttp://www.cnrs.fr/cw/en/pres/compress/nanotube.htm Carbon Nanotube Fibers Top/Business/Textiles_and_Nonwovens/Fibers/Man-made/Resources/Articles_and_Studies/Nanofibers Short article about the development of a process for the production of macroscopic carbon nanotube fibers and strips for possible applications in medical, electronic and textile products. From the Centre de Recherche Paul Pascal.
Other resource N21 Multi-Component Fiber Technology for Medical and Other Filtration Applicationshttp://www.hillsinc.net/arnoldtalk.shtml Multi-Component Fiber Technology for Medical and Other Filtration Applications Top/Business/Textiles_and_Nonwovens/Fibers/Man-made/Resources/Articles_and_Studies/Bi-Component_Fibers Extensive article about the application of multi-component polymer fibers in medical and industrial filtration media, and their comparison to meltblown and electrospun fibers. From Hills, Inc.
Other resource N22 Advanced Cerametrics, Inchttp://www.advancedcerametrics.com/ Advanced Cerametrics, Inc Top/Business/Textiles_and_Nonwovens/Fibers/Man-made/Mineral_Fibers USA. Advanced ceramic materials for aerospace, military, industrial, textile, medical, consumer, electronic and automotive applications. Ceramic fibers for the composites and electronics industries. Links to related sites.
Other resource N23 Barnhardt Manufacturing Cohttp://www.barnhardt.net/ Barnhardt Manufacturing Co Top/Business/Textiles_and_Nonwovens/Fibers/Natural/Cotton USA. Hydro-peroxide bleached cotton fiber for the textile and nonwovens industries. Also, dental, medical and personal care products from cotton fiber.
Other resource N24 Handbook of Fiber Chemistry, 2nd Ed.http://www.polysurfacesbookstore.com/pages/3166.html Handbook of Fiber Chemistry, 2nd Ed. Top/Business/Textiles_and_Nonwovens/Fibers/News_and_Media Comprehensive coverage of the most important natural and synthetic fibers used in consumer goods, agriculture, industry, medicine, and engineering.
Other resource N25 NAMSA. North American Science Associates, Inchttp://www.namsa.com/ NAMSA. North American Science Associates, Inc Top/Business/Textiles_and_Nonwovens/Test_Facilities USA. Independent laboratory with affiliates worldwide. Provides biological, chemical and physical testing services to the medical device industry, and offers education, consultation and on-site evaluation of customer operations. Bioburden and biocompatibillity testing for nonwovens, produced for medical end uses.
Other resource N26 Quantum Medical Business Servicehttp://www.qmbs.com/ Quantum Medical Business Service Top/Business/Financial_Services/Medical_Billing Physicians practice medical billing service in Roanoke, VA.
Other resource N27 Pacific Chiropractic Billinghttp://www.chiropractorbilling.com/ Pacific Chiropractic Billing Top/Business/Financial_Services/Medical_Billing Offers medical billing services to chiropractors.
Other resource N28 Patient Billing Inc.http://www.medibill.com/ Patient Billing Inc. Top/Business/Financial_Services/Medical_Billing Electronic medical billing, consulting and collections services.
Other resource N29 Marina Medical Billing Service Inchttp://www.marinabilling.com/ Marina Medical Billing Service Inc Top/Business/Financial_Services/Medical_Billing Client-centered company dedicated to providing its physician and hospital clients with coding, billing, accounts receivable, and collections services in America.
Other resource N30 The Billing Officehttp://www.thebillingoffice.com/ The Billing Office Top/Business/Financial_Services/Medical_Billing A full service medical billing company.
Other resource N31 Jary's Medical Billinghttp://www.angelfire.com/pa3/jarysmedicalbilling Jary's Medical Billing Top/Business/Financial_Services/Medical_Billing Claim filing, secondary carrier billing, and maintaining accurate and up to date A/R.
Other resource N32 MBM Medical Billinghttp://www.mbmmedicalbilling.com/ MBM Medical Billing Top/Business/Financial_Services/Medical_Billing Processes medical claims electronically for health care providers nationwide.
Other resource N33 Sterling Healthcare Solutionshttp://www.primecarebillingsolutions.com/ Sterling Healthcare Solutions Top/Business/Financial_Services/Medical_Billing A medical claims filing and billing service.
Other resource N34 Karebilling Services, Inc.http://www.karebillingservices.com/ Karebilling Services, Inc. Top/Business/Financial_Services/Medical_Billing Provides medical and dental billing and management services.
Other resource N35 Medi-Syn.comhttp://www.medi-syn.com/ Medi-Syn.com Top/Business/Financial_Services/Medical_Billing Offers Internet based medical billing and claim management services.
Other resource N36 ABC Medical Billing.Comhttp://www.abcmedicalbilling.com/ ABC Medical Billing.Com Top/Business/Financial_Services/Medical_Billing Provides medical billing services.
Other resource N37 Professional Medical Billinghttp://www.promedbilling.com/ Professional Medical Billing Top/Business/Financial_Services/Medical_Billing Provides medical billing services to physicians.
Other resource N38 Advanced Billing Systemshttp://www.advancedbilling.com Advanced Billing Systems Top/Business/Financial_Services/Medical_Billing Billing of medical insurance claims and hospital insurance claims.
Other resource N39 Office Workshttp://www.medicalbillingrx.com/ Office Works Top/Business/Financial_Services/Medical_Billing Specialized billing and collections processes for medical offices.
Other resource N40 Chili Medical Billing Serviceshttp://www.chilimbs.com/ Chili Medical Billing Services Top/Business/Financial_Services/Medical_Billing Provides medical billing and practice management services.
Other resource N41 DMMS Medical Management Serviceshttp://www.dmmsonline.com/ DMMS Medical Management Services Top/Business/Financial_Services/Medical_Billing Provides medical billing, collections, coding and practice management services.
Other resource N42 D and S Medical Billing Services, Inchttp://www.dandsmedbilling.com/ D and S Medical Billing Services, Inc Top/Business/Financial_Services/Medical_Billing Provides insurance and patient billing for medical practices.
Other resource N43 Medical Claims Servicehttp://www.medicalclaims.ws/ Medical Claims Service Top/Business/Financial_Services/Medical_Billing Provides medical billing and insurance claims processing.
Other resource N44 AMBS, Inchttp://www.ambsinc.com/ AMBS, Inc Top/Business/Financial_Services/Medical_Billing Provides medical billing and practice consulting to clients along the east coast.
Other resource N45 West Coast Medical Billinghttp://www.westcoastmedicalbilling.com/ West Coast Medical Billing Top/Business/Financial_Services/Medical_Billing A billing service offering practice management,electronic fund transfers, archiving of medical records, and remote backup and recovery of data.
Other resource N46 MedOffice Solutions, Inc.http://www.medofficesolutionsinc.com/ MedOffice Solutions, Inc. Top/Business/Financial_Services/Medical_Billing Specializing in electronic claims submissions of medical and dental billing.
Other resource N47 Valor Medical Billinghttp://hometown.aol.com/valormedical/myhomepage/business.html Valor Medical Billing Top/Business/Financial_Services/Medical_Billing Handles electronic claims processing, full practice management, patient billing, and soft collections by certified professionals.
Other resource N48 Medical Management Resources, Inc.http://www.mmri-ny.com/ Medical Management Resources, Inc. Top/Business/Financial_Services/Medical_Billing A provider of full-service medical billing, ASP/shared service, practice management support and compliance consulting.
Other resource N49 Prompt Medical and Dental Billing Services, Inc.http://www.promptbilling.com/ Prompt Medical and Dental Billing Services, Inc. Top/Business/Financial_Services/Medical_Billing Full service medical office management and billing firm.
Other resource N50 Heritage Medical Billinghttp://www.heritagemedicalbilling.com/ Heritage Medical Billing Top/Business/Financial_Services/Medical_Billing A medical billing and reimbursement firm.
Other resource N51 Physicians Financial and Management Serviceshttp://www.physmgmt.com/ Physicians Financial and Management Services Top/Business/Financial_Services/Medical_Billing Provides patient billing, electronic claims processing, accounts receivable management and collection follow-up services to medical providers.
Other resource N52 A1A Billing and Collectionhttp://www.geocities.com/icastell777/index.htm A1A Billing and Collection Top/Business/Financial_Services/Medical_Billing Provides medical billing and collection services.
Other resource N53 Medical Billing Solutions, Inchttp://www.medicalbilling4u.com/ Medical Billing Solutions, Inc Top/Business/Financial_Services/Medical_Billing Offers full medical billing services.
Other resource N54 Integrated Billing Systems, Inc.http://www.myibs-inc.com/ Integrated Billing Systems, Inc. Top/Business/Financial_Services/Medical_Billing Coding and billing through a custom program designed to support each customer's unique billing, coding and medical record management needs.
Other resource N55 Medical Claims Submission Companyhttp://www.mdpayments.com/ Medical Claims Submission Company Top/Business/Financial_Services/Medical_Billing Provides medical billing service to physicians.
Other resource N56 DMC Electronic Billinghttp://www.geocities.com/dmcpenny/ DMC Electronic Billing Top/Business/Financial_Services/Medical_Billing Providing electronic billing, HIPAA compliant tutorial, and profitable enhancements for doctors of internal medicine, cardiology, pediatrics and general practice.
Other resource N57 Desert Southwest Medical Billinghttp://www.dswmedbill.com/ Desert Southwest Medical Billing Top/Business/Financial_Services/Medical_Billing HIPAA compliant full service medical billing for physicians including paper and electronic claims, insurance follow up, and patient billing.
Other resource N58 Allied Medical Serviceshttp://www.allied-medical.net/ Allied Medical Services Top/Business/Financial_Services/Medical_Billing Medical billing services for skilled nursing facility, medical or dental practice.
Other resource N59 Medical Billing of Louisville, Inc.http://www.mdlouisville.com/ Medical Billing of Louisville, Inc. Top/Business/Financial_Services/Medical_Billing Offers medical billing services and software. E Med Pro is the medical data package for insurance and patient billing.
Other resource N60 JABZ Medical Billing Servicehttp://www.jabzclaims.com/ JABZ Medical Billing Service Top/Business/Financial_Services/Medical_Billing Medical billing service offering electronic insurance claims processing to insurance carriers and patients.
Other resource N61 C.M. Williams Enterpriseshttp://www.cmwilliamsenterprises.com/ C.M. Williams Enterprises Top/Business/Financial_Services/Medical_Billing Specializing in account receivable management, medical billing, and financial management.
Other resource N62 Synergy Practice Solutionshttp://www.synergypracticesolutions.com/ Synergy Practice Solutions Top/Business/Financial_Services/Medical_Billing Specializes in medical practice management, billing and auditing training, billing services, and medical office forms.
Other resource N63 Montana Healthcare Consultants, Inc.http://www.mehcc.com/ Montana Healthcare Consultants, Inc. Top/Business/Financial_Services/Medical_Billing Provides HIPAA compliant ambulance billing, management consultation and physician billing services.
Other resource N64 Paradigm HealthCare Serviceshttp://www.paradigm-healthcare.com/ Paradigm HealthCare Services Top/Business/Financial_Services/Medical_Billing A Medi-Cal billing services firm specializing in the California LEA and MAA billing programs for schools.
Other resource N65 Meditech Billing and Consulting, LLChttp://www.meditechbilling.com/ Meditech Billing and Consulting, LLC Top/Business/Financial_Services/Medical_Billing Medical billing and consultation services to physicians and group practices with electronic insurance claim transmission. Practice analysis and medical management tools also offered.
Other resource N66 S and S Billing Servicehttp://www.ssbillingservice.com/ S and S Billing Service Top/Business/Financial_Services/Medical_Billing Provides professional full electronic billing, filing, and practice management services for physicians and medical centers.
Other resource N67 Anesthesia Services Ltdhttp://www.anesthesiaservices.com/ Anesthesia Services Ltd Top/Business/Financial_Services/Medical_Billing An anesthesia medical billing service.
Other resource N68 The Certus Group, LLChttp://www.thecertusgroup.net/ The Certus Group, LLC Top/Business/Financial_Services/Medical_Billing Health policy professionals develop and execute reimbursement strategies serving the medical device, pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries.
Other resource N69 HealthPro Medical Billinghttp://www.healthpromedical.com HealthPro Medical Billing Top/Business/Financial_Services/Medical_Billing Billing and accounts receivable management for radiology, pathology, and radiation oncology.
Other resource N70 Precision HealthCare Consultantshttp://www.precisionhcc.com/ Precision HealthCare Consultants Top/Business/Financial_Services/Medical_Billing Provider of Medisoft medical billing software and consulting services.
Other resource N71 Medclaims Medical Billing Services, LLC.http://www.medclaimsllc.com/ Medclaims Medical Billing Services, LLC. Top/Business/Financial_Services/Medical_Billing A HIPAA accredited medical billing services and medical practice management company.
Other resource N72 Connie's Medical Billing Serviceshttp://www.conniesmedicalbillingservices.com/ Connie's Medical Billing Services Top/Business/Financial_Services/Medical_Billing Medical billing services with electronic and paper claims submission and follow up.
Other resource N73 KanDarm Medical Solutionshttp://www.kandarmmedical.com/ KanDarm Medical Solutions Top/Business/Financial_Services/Medical_Billing Provides electronic medical claim submission services.
Other resource N74 R and L Medical Billing Serviceshttp://www.freewebs.com/doctorsbilling R and L Medical Billing Services Top/Business/Financial_Services/Medical_Billing Specializes in medical billing, collections, and transcriptions in all branches of the medical field.
Other resource N75 Light Speed Medical Claim Solutions LLChttp://www.lsmcs.com/ Light Speed Medical Claim Solutions LLC Top/Business/Financial_Services/Medical_Billing Practice management functions designed to store and track billing information, process insurance claims and track and report accounts receivable for physicians and chiropractors.
Other resource N76 Companion Directhttp://www.companiondirect.com/ Companion Direct Top/Business/Financial_Services/Medical_Billing An internet-based medical claims solution connecting providers to payers, accelerating payments and eliminating clearinghouse costs.
Other resource N77 Stat Medical Consultinghttp://www.statmedical.net/ Stat Medical Consulting Top/Business/Financial_Services/Medical_Billing Specializing in medical billing,and medical practice management systems.
Other resource N78 Healthcare Business Services Groups, Inchttp://www.hbsgi.com/ Healthcare Business Services Groups, Inc Top/Business/Financial_Services/Medical_Billing Anesthesia, pain management and surgery center billing agency.
Other resource N79 Medical Review Solutionshttp://www.mrsol.com/ Medical Review Solutions Top/Business/Financial_Services/Medical_Billing Offers services to review medical bills for errors.
Other resource N80 Fast Track Medical Billing Companyhttp://www.fasttrackbilling.com/ Fast Track Medical Billing Company Top/Business/Financial_Services/Medical_Billing Provides medical billing, practice management, and claims reimbursement services to physicians throughout New Jersey.

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