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Site description: A look at the Canadian cast's Mimi, Saskia Garel. As an actress, dancer and of course singer, she has many credits in her toolbelt. She is currently staring in NightMan.

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Previous 70Rent Referenceshttp://www.quuxuum.org/~pirmann/rent.html Rent ReferencesTop/Arts/Performing_Arts/Theatre/Musicals/R/Rent An attempt to explain some of the references in Rent's song "La Vie Boheme."
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Previous 170The Denver Center for the Performing Artshttp://www.denvercenter.org/ The Denver Center for the Performing ArtsTop/Arts/Performing_Arts/Venues News, events calendar, bulletin board and information on facility, upcoming productions and subscriptions. Denver, Colorado.
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Previous 270Flamenco y Mashttp://www.geocities.com/flamencoymas Flamenco y MasTop/Arts/Performing_Arts/Dance/Flamenco A flamenco dance group, located in Ireland.
Other resource N0 Flamenco Buzzhttp://www.flamencobuzz.net/ Flamenco Buzz Top/Arts/Performing_Arts/Dance/Flamenco Boston-based flamenco aficionado, Mari Katsigianis presents a potpourri of flamenco announcements, review, photos and editorials. Includes her own writings and those contributed by other aficionados from around the world.
Other resource N1 The German Flamenco Pageshttp://www.flamenco-seiten.de/ The German Flamenco Pages Top/Arts/Performing_Arts/Dance/Flamenco Extensive information about Flamenco, list of worldwide flamenco sites, discussion forum.
Other resource N2 Deborah Greenfield's Rosa Negra Flamenco Companyhttp://www.rosanegraflamenco.org Deborah Greenfield's Rosa Negra Flamenco Company Top/Arts/Performing_Arts/Dance/Flamenco Los-Angeles based performer and choreographer of modern dance and flamenco.
Other resource N3 Danza Espanahttp://www.delconte-danza.com/ Danza Espana Top/Arts/Performing_Arts/Dance/Flamenco/Companies Studio led by Andrea Del Conte. General information, news, upcoming events, classes, and links.
Other resource N4 Carolina Lugo Brisas de Espana Flamenco Dance Companyhttp://www.geocities.com/vienna/choir/5937 Carolina Lugo Brisas de Espana Flamenco Dance Company Top/Arts/Performing_Arts/Dance/Flamenco/Companies Experience the passion that is Flamenco and the grace of classical Spanish Dance. "Brisas sizzles with hot moves, musicians".
Other resource N5 Magia Gitanahttp://www.magiagitana.com Magia Gitana Top/Arts/Performing_Arts/Dance/Flamenco/Companies Pure flamenco from Jerez de la Frontera (Cadiz - SPAIN). Performers: Tibu "la Tormenta", "Parrilla de Jerez", and "Agujetas". Engagement conditions. Academy in Jerez, Courses and Workshops.
Other resource N6 Flamenco Miguelitahttp://www.flarumba.com/flamenco/ Flamenco Miguelita Top/Arts/Performing_Arts/Dance/Flamenco/Companies All about Miguelita's flamenco dance and music ensemble, "FLARUMBA" in Las Vegas, Nevada. Flamenco events, news, biography, photo album, music, and art are displayed in other pages.
Other resource N7 Miguelitahttp://www.flarumba.com Miguelita Top/Arts/Performing_Arts/Dance/Flamenco/Companies Flamenco dancer who has established a reputable flamenco dance troupe, in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.
Other resource N8 Flamenco Expresshttp://www.flamencoexpress.co.uk Flamenco Express Top/Arts/Performing_Arts/Dance/Flamenco/Companies Touring british company.
Other resource N9 Flamenco Romanticohttp://flamencoromantico.com Flamenco Romantico Top/Arts/Performing_Arts/Dance/Flamenco/Companies Writings and photos by Federico "Freddie" Mejia and Marianna Baskin Gabriel Mejia. Includes time spent in Sevilla, Spain studying Flamenco guitar and dance, 1999 and 2000.
Other resource N10 Atlanta Flamenco Productionshttp://atlantaflamenco.com Atlanta Flamenco Productions Top/Arts/Performing_Arts/Dance/Flamenco/Companies About the company, performances, teaching information, pictures, news, bulletin board, contact information and links
Other resource N11 Alborada Spanish Dance Theatrehttp://www.alboradadance.org/ Alborada Spanish Dance Theatre Top/Arts/Performing_Arts/Dance/Flamenco/Companies Flamenco and Spanish dance performances and classes in New Jersey/New York.
Other resource N12 Tap Dance Homepagehttp://www.tapdance.org/ Tap Dance Homepage Top/Arts/Performing_Arts/Dance/Tap Extensive resources for tap dancers and tap dance fans. Includes events, news, calendars, Who's Who in Tap, filmography, videography, tap sounds and steps, vocabulary and notation, history, supplies, and links. Homepage support for the International Tap Association.
Other resource N13 Tapping Into Ithttp://www.tappingintoit.com Tapping Into It Top/Arts/Performing_Arts/Dance/Tap Information center for tap dancers and enthusiasts. Retail center for t-shirts and gifts.
Other resource N14 Tap Dance in Switzerlandhttp://www.scottap.com/tap/main.html Tap Dance in Switzerland Top/Arts/Performing_Arts/Dance/Tap Schools and clubs, events, who's who, swiss championships, news and media.
Other resource N15 Just The Beat Just The Feethttp://web.ukonline.co.uk/tc/Improv/ Just The Beat Just The Feet Top/Arts/Performing_Arts/Dance/Tap Improvisational tap dancing based on the experience of Tony Curtis.
Other resource N16 St. Louis Struttershttp://www.stlstrutters.com St. Louis Strutters Top/Arts/Performing_Arts/Dance/Tap Group of senior dancers whose fast tapping and high kicking are trademarks of their energetic performances.
Other resource N17 St. Louis Tap Festivalhttp://www.stlouistap.com/ St. Louis Tap Festival Top/Arts/Performing_Arts/Dance/Tap St. Louis Tap Festival. Later: Tap History, master tap icons.
Other resource N18 International Tap Associationhttp://www.tapdance.org/tap/ita/index.html International Tap Association Top/Arts/Performing_Arts/Dance/Tap The ITA promotes the understanding, preservation, and development of tap dance as an art form. Anyone interested in tap can join this nonprofit organization and receive its informative bimonthly magazine.
Other resource N19 Roxane Butterfly and Beauteez'n the Beathttp://beauteez.free.fr/ Roxane Butterfly and Beauteez'n the Beat Top/Arts/Performing_Arts/Dance/Tap Dancing-poet Roxane Butterfly's "BeauteeZ'n The Beat" is a music and dance ensemble that uses taps, voices, songs, and rhythms to create a jazz & world-beat musical event to show transforming life-force of women throughout history.
Other resource N20 Tap City: The New York City Tap Festivalhttp://www.nyctapfestival.com Tap City: The New York City Tap Festival Top/Arts/Performing_Arts/Dance/Tap Every July, the New York City Tap Festival features an extensive tap dance training program with workshops and master classes in local studios, exciting tap performances in Times Square, an innovative Youth Program for children and teens, and diverse panel discussions, film screenings, and tap jam sessions throughout Manhattan.
Other resource N21 UKTAP Message Boardhttp://groups.msn.com/uktap UKTAP Message Board Top/Arts/Performing_Arts/Dance/Tap Online community of tap dance fans in the UK.
Other resource N22 Buckets and Tap Shoeshttp://www.10foot5.com Buckets and Tap Shoes Top/Arts/Performing_Arts/Dance/Tap The Ausland Brothers are part of the Buckets and Tap Shoes Company, performing rhythm tap in Minneapolis.
Other resource N23 Cintia Chameckihttp://www.cintiachamecki.com/ingles/index.html Cintia Chamecki Top/Arts/Performing_Arts/Dance/Tap Brazilian tapper Cintia Chamecki regularly performs her tap choreography and improvisation in New York City, Brazil, Japan and Portugal. She recently completed her first solo show, "Ta No Pe" directed by Susana Ribeiro.
Other resource N24 Companhia Claquettes - Brazilhttp://www.geocities.com/ciaclaquettes Companhia Claquettes - Brazil Top/Arts/Performing_Arts/Dance/Tap Tap ensemble from Rio de Janeiro, directed by Brazilian choreographer, teacher and performer Cintia Martin
Other resource N25 John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Artshttp://www.kennedy-center.org/ John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts Top/Arts/Performing_Arts/Venues Information on musical, ballet and theatrical productions, cultural programs and events. Online ticket purchase provided. Located in Washington, D.C.
Other resource N26 Civic Hall Performing Arts Centerhttp://www.civichall.com/ Civic Hall Performing Arts Center Top/Arts/Performing_Arts/Venues Presenting ballet, orchestra, opera and music performances. Information on schedule, resident performance groups and tickets. Richmond, Indiana.
Other resource N27 Starlight Theatrehttp://www.kcstarlight.com/ Starlight Theatre Top/Arts/Performing_Arts/Venues Offering Broadway productions and musical concerts. Information on performance calendar, season ticket holder information and contacts. Kansas City, Missouri.
Other resource N28 Blumenthal Performing Arts Centerhttp://www.performingartsctr.org/ Blumenthal Performing Arts Center Top/Arts/Performing_Arts/Venues Monday Night at the Movies, Broadway theatre, ballet and music productions. Charlotte, North Carolina.
Other resource N29 Carnegie Hallhttp://www.carnegiehall.org/ Carnegie Hall Top/Arts/Performing_Arts/Venues Features include history, sound clips, online ticket purchasing, a virtual tour of the Hall, an interactive timeline, and a Photobubble view of the Hall. New York City.
Other resource N30 Cerritos Center for the Performing Artshttp://www.cerritoscenter.com/ Cerritos Center for the Performing Arts Top/Arts/Performing_Arts/Venues Season schedule plus ticket and seating information. Cerritos, California.
Other resource N31 Edinburgh Festival and King's Theatreshttp://www.eft.co.uk/ Edinburgh Festival and King's Theatres Top/Arts/Performing_Arts/Venues Providing performances of ballet, comedy, dance, drama, opera, music and variety entertainment. Edinburgh, Scotland.
Other resource N32 Flynn Center for the Performing Artshttp://www.flynntheatre.org/ Flynn Center for the Performing Arts Top/Arts/Performing_Arts/Venues Information on performances, history, seating, facility rental, special events and membership. Burlington, Vermont.
Other resource N33 George Mason University Center for the Artshttp://www.gmu.edu/cfa/ George Mason University Center for the Arts Top/Arts/Performing_Arts/Venues Presenting community events, student and faculty productions as well as the Great Performances at Mason series. Fairfax, Virginia.
Other resource N34 The Gordon Center for Performing Arts nhttp://www.gordoncenter.com/ The Gordon Center for Performing Arts n Top/Arts/Performing_Arts/Venues Music, dance, theatre, comedy, and family entertainment. Baltimore, Maryland.
Other resource N35 Hult Center for the Performing Artshttp://www.hultcenter.org/ Hult Center for the Performing Arts Top/Arts/Performing_Arts/Venues Host to eight resident companies; Dance Theatre of Oregon, Eugene Ballet Company, Eugene Concert Choir, Eugene Opera, Eugene Symphony Orchestra, Oregon Bach Festival, Oregon Festival of American Music, and Oregon Mozart Players. Eugene, Oregon.
Other resource N36 Jorgensen Auditoriumhttp://www.jorgensen.ct-arts.com/ Jorgensen Auditorium Top/Arts/Performing_Arts/Venues Performing arts venue located on the University of Connecticut campus at Storrs. Information on season schedule, subscriptions, ticket ordering and special events.
Other resource N37 The Kimmel Center for the Performing Artshttp://www.kimmelcenter.org/ The Kimmel Center for the Performing Arts Top/Arts/Performing_Arts/Venues Includes Verizon Hall, home of the Philadelphia Orchestra, Perelman Theater and the Academy of Music. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
Other resource N38 The Morris Performing Arts Centerhttp://www.morriscenter.org/ The Morris Performing Arts Center Top/Arts/Performing_Arts/Venues Home of the Broadway Theatre League, the South Bend Symphony Orchestra, and the Southold Dance Theater. South Bend, Indiana.
Other resource N39 Orange County Performing Arts Centerhttp://www.ocpac.org/ Orange County Performing Arts Center Top/Arts/Performing_Arts/Venues Information on Broadway, Dance, Concert Series, Cabaret Series, Jazz Club and special events. Costa Mesa, California.
Other resource N40 Playhouse Squarehttp://www.playhousesquare.com/ Playhouse Square Top/Arts/Performing_Arts/Venues Broadway shows, plays, musicals, opera, ballet and contemporary performing arts. Cleveland, Ohio.
Other resource N41 The Robert and Margrit Mondavi Center for the Performing Artshttp://www.MondaviArts.org/ The Robert and Margrit Mondavi Center for the Performing Arts Top/Arts/Performing_Arts/Venues Virtual tour, biography of the Mondavis and information on season schedule, special events, tickets and membership. Davis, California.
Other resource N42 Royal Festival Hallhttp://www.royalfestivalhall.org.uk/ Royal Festival Hall Top/Arts/Performing_Arts/Venues Offering classical and contremporary music, dance and family events. London, England.
Other resource N43 Saratoga Performing Arts Centerhttp://www.spac.org/ Saratoga Performing Arts Center Top/Arts/Performing_Arts/Venues Summer host of The New York City Ballet, The Philadelphia Orchestra, Saratoga Chamber Music Festival, Freihofer's Jazz Festival and Lake George Opera Festival. Saratoga, New York.
Other resource N44 St. Lawrence Centre for the Performing Artshttp://www.stlc.com St. Lawrence Centre for the Performing Arts Top/Arts/Performing_Arts/Venues Located in downtown Toronto and featuring online ticket ordering for current productions.
Other resource N45 Stockton Performing Arts Centerhttp://talon.stockton.edu/pac/ Stockton Performing Arts Center Top/Arts/Performing_Arts/Venues Live theatre, concerts and childrens programs. New Jersey.
Other resource N46 Tilles Center for the Performing Artshttp://www.tillescenter.org/ Tilles Center for the Performing Arts Top/Arts/Performing_Arts/Venues Featuring music, dance and theater. Located on the C.W. Post campus of Long Island University in Brookville, New York.
Other resource N47 Curtis M. Phillips Center for the Performing Artshttp://www.cpa.ufl.edu/ Curtis M. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts Top/Arts/Performing_Arts/Venues Virtual tour plus information on productions, tickets and performance packages. Located at the University of Florida in Gainsville.
Other resource N48 The Washington Center for the Performing Artshttp://www.washingtoncenter.org/ The Washington Center for the Performing Arts Top/Arts/Performing_Arts/Venues Information on current season, box office, theater rental, technical specifications and membership. Olympia, Washington.
Other resource N49 Arc Theatrehttp://www.arctheatre.org.uk/ Arc Theatre Top/Arts/Performing_Arts/Venues Providing theatre, dance and musical performances. Trowbridge, Wiltshire, England.
Other resource N50 Athens Concert Hall, Thehttp://www.megaron.gr/ Athens Concert Hall, The Top/Arts/Performing_Arts/Venues Cultural and conference centre provides details and news about events, sponsors and exhibitions. Located in Athens, Greece.
Other resource N51 New Theatre Cardiffhttp://www.newtheatrecardiff.co.uk/English/index.html New Theatre Cardiff Top/Arts/Performing_Arts/Venues Presenting drama, opera, musicals, dance, children's shows and pantomime. Cardiff, Wales.
Other resource N52 Grand Performanceshttp://www.grandperformances.org/ Grand Performances Top/Arts/Performing_Arts/Venues Presenter of performing arts located in downtown Los Angeles. Includes season schedule, location and directions, and contact information.
Other resource N53 Reunion, A Musical Epic in Miniaturehttp://www.civilwarmusical.com Reunion, A Musical Epic in Miniature Top/Arts/Performing_Arts/Theatre/Musicals/R REUNION weaves period music and the words of key Civil War figures into an intimate celebration of struggle, inspiration and freedom.
Other resource N54 Rasputin The Musicalhttp://www.rasputinthemusical.com Rasputin The Musical Top/Arts/Performing_Arts/Theatre/Musicals/R New musical starring Ted Neeley of Jesus Christ Superstar and Ulysses, The Greek Suite fame. Words and Music by Michael Rapp.
Other resource N55 Ragtimehttp://www.imagi-nation.com/moonstruck/albm53.html Ragtime Top/Arts/Performing_Arts/Theatre/Musicals/R/Ragtime Brief history of the musical by Stephen Flaherty, Lynn Ahrens and Terrence McNally, plus links to cast albums and sheet music.
Other resource N56 Official Bill Whelan Composerhttp://www.billwhelan.com/ Official Bill Whelan Composer Top/Arts/Performing_Arts/Theatre/Musicals/R/Riverdance_the_Show Everything you might want to know, and more about the man who wrote the music for Riverdance.
Other resource N57 Official Morgan Crowleyhttp://www.geocities.com/morgancrowley/ Official Morgan Crowley Top/Arts/Performing_Arts/Theatre/Musicals/R/Riverdance_the_Show webpage for the former Riverdance singer, Morgan Crowley. Information for Morgan's current projects, and background information for the singer highlight this site.
Other resource N58 Riverdance in Singaporehttp://www.geocities.com/stpatspore/dance/ Riverdance in Singapore Top/Arts/Performing_Arts/Theatre/Musicals/R/Riverdance_the_Show Includes photos and information about when the Riverdance Liffey company went to Singapore in October 2000.
Other resource N59 Gilbert and Sullivan Archive: Ruddigorehttp://math.boisestate.edu/gas/ruddigore/html/rudi_home.html Gilbert and Sullivan Archive: Ruddigore Top/Arts/Performing_Arts/Theatre/Musicals/R/Ruddigore Introduction, plot summary, libretto, discography and MIDI files from the Gilbert and Sullivan operetta.
Other resource N60 Justin's RENT Pagehttp://www.geocities.com/SouthBeach/Strand/8508/rent.html Justin's RENT Page Top/Arts/Performing_Arts/Theatre/Musicals/R/Rent Includes pages about Jonathan Larson, Anthony Rapp, Daphne Rubin-Vega, Adam Pascal, Idina Menzel, The Angel Cast and others.
Other resource N61 The Doorhttp://www.geocities.com/Broadway/Alley/9644/ The Door Top/Arts/Performing_Arts/Theatre/Musicals/R/Rent Pictures of cast members and barbies plus information on the NYTW production.
Other resource N62 Mimi's Placehttp://www.geocities.com/broadway/1625/index.html Mimi's Place Top/Arts/Performing_Arts/Theatre/Musicals/R/Rent Includes pictures, personal experiences with the Angel cast, information on OBC, Some Funny Rent, unanswered questions, information on Josh, and a song of the week.
Other resource N63 Rent Workshop Lyricshttp://members.aol.com/crazywrld5/rent1.html Rent Workshop Lyrics Top/Arts/Performing_Arts/Theatre/Musicals/R/Rent 1994 New York Theater Workshop Rent Lyrics (it's an early draft of rent. these were transcribed from the famed "workshop tapes" that get passed around from renthead to renthead...)
Other resource N64 Rent Referenceshttp://www.quuxuum.org/~pirmann/rent.html Rent References Top/Arts/Performing_Arts/Theatre/Musicals/R/Rent An attempt to explain some of the references in Rent's song "La Vie Boheme."
Other resource N65 Love's Not a Three Way Streethttp://www.angelfire.com/ct/norbie4/index.html Love's Not a Three Way Street Top/Arts/Performing_Arts/Theatre/Musicals/R/Rent Some pictures and ads, random information, and sounds.
Other resource N66 Rent For Lifehttp://www.angelfire.com/ny2/Rentforlife/index.html Rent For Life Top/Arts/Performing_Arts/Theatre/Musicals/R/Rent Rent by the hard core fan.
Other resource N67 The Lothttp://members.tripod.com/Melissa_Umlor/rentcover.html The Lot Top/Arts/Performing_Arts/Theatre/Musicals/R/Rent Information about the London production, Jonathan, links, constantly being updated!
Other resource N68 A Little Site of Renthttp://www.geocities.com/jcurti/Rentmain.html A Little Site of Rent Top/Arts/Performing_Arts/Theatre/Musicals/R/Rent A site dedicated to the musical with pictures, quizzes, and plot information.
Other resource N69 When Real Life's Getting More Like Fiction Each Dayhttp://members.tripod.com/~Miaka_neko/rentindex.htm When Real Life's Getting More Like Fiction Each Day Top/Arts/Performing_Arts/Theatre/Musicals/R/Rent An archive of Rent fan-fiction.
Other resource N70 Tango:Maureenhttp://www.angelfire.com/musicals/tangomaureen/index.html Tango:Maureen Top/Arts/Performing_Arts/Theatre/Musicals/R/Rent A site dedicated to the actresses who have played Maureen in companies from around the world. Includes pictures, information pages, and tour dates.
Other resource N71 Rent Rent Renthttp://members.aol.com/RentFreak6/Rent.html Rent Rent Rent Top/Arts/Performing_Arts/Theatre/Musicals/R/Rent Personal site dedicated to the musical.
Other resource N72 RENT: A Great American musicalhttp://www.angelfire.com/musicals/MattRent/RENT2.html RENT: A Great American musical Top/Arts/Performing_Arts/Theatre/Musicals/R/Rent Not the greatest RENT page out there, but it has some excellent links. Created by a huge RENThead!
Other resource N73 Everything is Renthttp://www.angelfire.com/in2/everythingisrent/ Everything is Rent Top/Arts/Performing_Arts/Theatre/Musicals/R/Rent Offers pictures, sounds, links, articles, and multiple librettos, as well as fun things such as chat, surveys, games, humor, and a quiz.
Other resource N74 Arts & Leisure: Thoroughly Modernhttp://weeklywire.com/ww/12-20-98/memphis_afea.html Arts & Leisure: Thoroughly Modern Top/Arts/Performing_Arts/Theatre/Musicals/R/Rent 1998 review of the show in Memphis Flyer.
Other resource N75 RENT: The Angel Touring Companyhttp://www.angelfire.com/mn/angeltour/ RENT: The Angel Touring Company Top/Arts/Performing_Arts/Theatre/Musicals/R/Rent/Angel_Tour The place to find information on the first national tour of Rent. Cast news, cast lists, links, and the Rentheads section.
Other resource N76 RENT in Philly - A Tributehttp://www.geocities.com/WestHollywood/Village/1432/rent_phl.html RENT in Philly - A Tribute Top/Arts/Performing_Arts/Theatre/Musicals/R/Rent/Angel_Tour A tribute to the Angel Touring Company's run in Philadelphia from July 8th to September 27th 1998.
Other resource N77 The Angel Tour in Baltimorehttp://www.geocities.com/Broadway/Alley/9644/baltimore.html The Angel Tour in Baltimore Top/Arts/Performing_Arts/Theatre/Musicals/R/Rent/Angel_Tour A page with information on the Angel Tour's run in Baltimore.
Other resource N78 Musetta's Gloryhttp://members.tripod.com/~musettas_glory/index.html Musetta's Glory Top/Arts/Performing_Arts/Theatre/Musicals/R/Rent/Canadian_Production Well laid out site devoted to the Canadian cast of RENT, including pictures, sounds and reviews.
Other resource N79 Anna and Allison's RENT PAgehttp://www.geocities.com/Broadway/Balcony/6567/ Anna and Allison's RENT PAge Top/Arts/Performing_Arts/Theatre/Musicals/R/Rent/Canadian_Production Dedicated to all casts of RENT, but mostly the Canadian production. Features shrine to Luther Creek, chat room, message board, news, and birthday page.
Other resource N80 Jenifer Aubryhttp://www.jeniferaubry.com Jenifer Aubry Top/Arts/Performing_Arts/Theatre/Musicals/R/Rent/Canadian_Production Music online, web cam, chat, message board, biography, diary, and information.

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